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Reviews for "Snow Globe" - A musical by Carolyn McCarthy and Mike Mathieu.

Snow Globe
Cascadia Weekly
December 15-22, 2009

"If you go, you’ll visit the Louvre, be treated to live music, see how a disco ball fits into the equation and hear the three stars of the show transform dialogue into songs that are, in turn, delicate, haunting, hilarious and passionate." -- Amy Kepferle, Cascadia Weekly

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The following Reviews, Interviews and Responses are in regards to Carolyn's One-Woman Show "Too Beautiful".

The Whatcom Independent
"Full of sly good humor and throat-clenching pathos . . . There are some serious points to be made here, but McCarthy makes them without beating her audience over the head. No matter how political she gets in her ruminations, the smile in her eyes never goes away."

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Cascadia Weekly
April 11, 2007

Going Solo
by Amy Kepferle

. . . Attracting the local spotlight is thespian Carolyn McCarthy. In early May she'll bring her self-created show, Too Beautiful, to the iDiOM Theater . . . McCarthy is drawing from real life to bring her solo gig to the masses.

"I like to describe it as a play about love and staying in it," she explains. McCarthy has been married for 13 years, and says her show asks "deep and probing" questions about making long-term love work. She says there's humor and self-mockery aplenty to be found, and likens the format to telling stories around the campfire.

"It asks those big, fat, universal questions that we humans wrestle with about love and longing," McCarthy furthers. "I don't really come up with any answers, but the questions are pretty freakin' juicy." Personal stories, poetry, politics, current events and songs will also make appearances in Too Beautiful.

McCarthy also wants to make it clear that the show is for both women and men. Both have viewed it in its growing stages, and she says it's resonated well with both sexes. "All the guys who I've shared it with have really dug it. I feel particularly proud of that."


"Adroitly exploring the highs - and lows - of living and loving in the modern world, Carolyn McCarthy commands the stage in her intensely personal one-woman play, Too Beautiful...You'll giggle and tear up - often at the same time. See it with someone you love (you may learn a thing or two.)"
Amy Kepferle, Arts & Entertainment Editor, Cascadia Weekly

"The play is well-written, heartfelt, relevant, unpredictable, smart, touching, provocative, and real. As a friend and fellow artist, I respect to the utmost what you're sharing and how. It is very beautiful, sharp, and strong."
Mike Mathieu, The Cody Rivers Show

"Ms. McCarthy has the gift of vulnerability, inspiring the audience to feel like her lifelong friend, and when she sings, the audience can't help but fall in love with her."
Amy Martin, Associate Artistic Director, Mount Baker Theatre

"Carolyn's show was a standout...The poetry, the honesty, and the meticulously crafted structure of her play would be impressive in any play by any playwright...Incredible and ballsy...Bodes well for her future as a performer and a writer for the stage."
Glenn Hergenhahn, Artistic Director, iDiOM Theater

"I am sensitive to the disingenuous. Sincerity, on the other hand, is so rare, so utterly fresh and new, that I am compelled to praise it openly. Bravo!"
Colin Montoya-Lewis, Bellingham, WA

"Your script has a maturity and holding of nuance and paradox that is magnificent; your high and heartfelt seriousness about relationship and the use of humor in that exploration moved me greatly, as did your songs, and your voice."
Elizabeth Kerwin, Deming, WA

"Although you were speaking to a full house, I felt like you were speaking just to me. Like you had somehow peeked inside my soul and read my mind. My husband and I had an incredibly open conversation on the way home, and somehow I think he understands me just a little bit more than he did a few hours ago. . . thanks to you."
Sheri Ayubi, Bellingham, WA

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